Tragedy of the Commons.

              In many third world country fish is their major source of protein, meaning if developed countries like USA, Japan, or Singapore overfishes, more people will die of malnutrition, for they are unable to capture their basic source of protein. 
            People need to know that once this easy way of protein is gone thousands of people will die of starvation. That is why we should make sure fishes that are a source of many third world country people do not go extinct; to do that we need to control the number of fish we take from the sea. This is called overfishing which is a major problem in all major ports.
            Not only is overfishing a problem but also unintended catch. This is called by catch. When other creatures that are not wanted, or hold no economic value they are thrown back into the sea and left to die. Animals like sea turtles, sharks and other marine animals. They are caught in nets and hooks those that need to breathe air mostly die for they run out of air. While others like sharks die form the nets or the hooks. Those that do not die are lifted up by fishers and killed then thrown overboard so that they can retrieve their gears back. Then they throw the animals back into the sea and let it die. Other marine mammals that hold so economic value are thrown back to the sea, for fishermen do not want to carry extra cargo that would fill up their space for other fishes.

            The use of long line fishing is a method that many sharks are fall victim to by catch. Long line fishing for tuna, swordfish and other fishes are a multi-million dollar industry. Many sharks are caught by these lines they are either killed for their fin or for they are entangled by the lines and fishers want to retrieve their gear. One of the most common by catch is the blue shark it is estimated that 10-20million sharks are caught and killed. Like most sharks they have a slow metabolic rate and if population drops it takes a long time to recover.
            Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, the IUNC are in favor of banning fining. Which is when shark fins are only kept and the rest of the shark are thrown away. By requiring fishers for any killed shark they must bring the entire carcass and be sold as protein, it is believe that this will take up valuable holding space in order to keep the fin. Making fleets unlikely to want the fin as they will take up a lot of space now. Though this will create a large disadvantage for the fleets and will waste thousands of dollars of retrieving gears and disentangling the shark. In order to reduce these lost it is recommended that fleets stay away from places with high shark abundance, also to apply electrical deterrents on gears and Eco-labeling. These actions will help reduce the chance sharks will be a victim of by catch.
            In the Atlantic over fishing of top predator shark also caused a major population decrease on scallops that are being eaten by middle class predators that where once feed on by top class predators. For the decrease on these sharks that feed on the middle class preys, the middle class have no more predator to control their population they have grown to be very abundant. Meaning what they prey upon has become lesser for they now their more predator looking for food. Prey like scallops, cownose sharks one of the middle class prey has become very abundant meaning that before the scallop could breed they are being eaten by the hungry mob of middle class preys cownose shark.
            The by catch of Chinook and salmon are creating great problems in Alaska where these fishes are major food source and sport. They are all being caught when they are at the sea, as a by catch. Meaning the salmon’s caught have not bred yet, for salmons are semelparity organism. Fisherman that accidently catch these fish do not keep them but rather throw them back into the sea and of course most of them die, creating lesser fish to migrate back to the rivers in Alaska and Canada. There for decreasing population size of salmon in the area.
            A creature being overfished is the blue fin tuna. They are so popular that one of these fish can bring in thousands of dollar, because of this every country wants it share. However these animals cannot breed fast enough to sustain their population also they do not interbreed with other blue fin tuna that came from different locations, though they migrate to the same places. This means if one place loses all their fish they can never return to their population.
            That is why we should take care and understand our sea. It maybe large and vast but our misuse of their resource will one day let us regret we ever did. As thousands of people will die of starvation and many other creatures that makes our world more beautiful, like the playful dolphin the enormous whales the fast and mysterious sharks and the shy sea turtles. They will all be gone if we do not do something about the fishing problem.       

One thought on “Tragedy of the Commons.

  1. I agree with your take on regulation. Regulation is the quickest and most effective way of solving problems that over-consumption presents. Like that of over fishing, the over consumption of oil, land, and minerals impose a very real threat to most countries standard of living. Though over consumption poses great threat to human life, we must not forget the ability of technological advancement to balance, slow down, or solve these very real concerns. Just recently, a European country created a hamburger in a lab that contained more nutritional value than that of a burger made out of ground beef. All in all, I complete agree with your stance on regulation. We hope that technological advances and human innovation can solve our consumption problems, and they may do so one day, but the only way to solve these concerns now it through regulation and legislature.

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