Ethical Economics…?

In these past readings, religion and economics were very loosely tied together. The argument was that, like economics, the main motive (or very purpose) of religion is to better yourself and to eventually “win” the end prize. According to different religions there would be different journeys to the end prize, and to different religions the end prize was different. In some religions, like Christianity, the gift was given, and in others, such as Islam, it was earned. In some cases I do believe that a persons main reason for believing in a religion is a sense of security in knowing that they have gotten that end prize, or that they always have their religion as a crutch, but to generalize this theory is just simply wrong. Although I do not believe that religion is completely like economics, I do believe that religion and economics need to coincide with each other. For example, in the second reading (about the POPs), I read about people from third world countries dying from these illegal POPs simply because of their lack of resources. We knew the harm in these POPs, yet we continued to sell them because we could make a profit. This is were economics and ethics need to meet each other. Is it ethical to do something that you know is wrong purely for profit? Of course not. But if every move we made was in accordance with perfect ethics, would they be very smart economic choices? Probably not. And another question, is it unethical to think economically? Sometimes… Most times… It is definitely not unethical to make decisions based on economic gain, but when your “economic decision” is not in accordance with your ethical or religious beliefs that is when you might want to think again. What holds more clout in your life? Your general welfare, or your ethical/religious beliefs? 

One thought on “Ethical Economics…?

  1. i believe at least for me that you have to find a balance between the two. Before Each choice you have to think about the effects and profits. With the POPs I think they are going to sell them no matter what but if they stopped after a while they would at least be helping some people which would be a balance between the two.

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